It has been roughly a year when I have decided to start a new hobby, that is [historical] sewing. At the same time, I decided to start a blog and document my progress. Perhaps I am only 5-10 years late to the whole blogging thing! :-D People have moved on to YouTube for a broader, bigger audience and far better reach in communication. Abandoned blogs are scattered all other the Internet, but here I am, writing a new post. What can I say - my sewing is historical, my weapon of choice is a sword and I express myself in a blog!

To be honest, I have doubts if this blog will live for long. My initial plan to write short updates has failed and longer, quality posts require time to prepare and execute but I seldom prioritise this. A lot of things has been happening in 2019 and what follows is a summary that, hopefully, will keep me going in 2020 that is about to begin for where I currently am. The place deserves to be mentioned - that's my parents' home and I am visiting them for a week. Lot's of baking/cooking is happening, wine is being poured and amidst that I suddenly found myself in front of my computer, spilling my thoughts into this post.

The thoughts are mostly about my flat and how I am going to fit everything I want into rapidly diminishing free space. Even before, I struggled to find space for my regular clothes and now I have to figure out what to do with fabrics and clothes I have already made. So far it is 2 pairs of stays, 2 petticoats, 2 chemises and one cloak.

The second stays, way more successful than the first pair....

The stays above I consider to be a success. I even had a chance to wear them for a day. In the company, I work for we had a [short notice] costume Xmas party. The theme was fairy tale characters, given the time limitation I had to work under, there was no choice but to go for Red Riding Hood because it requires not much more but a red cloak :-) Then I decided to incorporate the red stays into the look and combine it with a woollen petticoat/skirt. I was not looking forward to being a powerless character waiting to be saved, so I decided to add a modern twist to the hood and give her PTSD that she developed after her first encounter with the bad wolf. That is how Red Mercenary Hood was born!

I have worn this costume for an entire day at work, including going to the office in the costume, going for lunch and just walking the streets. It took hours of adjustment to start feeling comfortable in stays. I didn't tight lace them by any means, but still, they felt alien to my body. I spent a couple of hours just wiggling my butt in a chair and rubbing my waist against the stays :-) The aftermath is that I want to do more of this and perhaps do more cosplaying. I don't know yet how, where and when though. A lot of 18th-century events people show on Instagram look way too polished for me, and a lot of "viking" events look not polished enough :-D So, maybe I'll just continue cosplaying fairy tale characters at work. Snow White is a good candidate since I want to travel a bit back in time from the 18th century.

Another small thing I made was a scabbard for a langmesser. It also became an important part of my Red Mercenary Hood. How would she slay bad wolves without a sword!? :-)

In the upcoming months, I will need to organise new storage for the clothes I make. I very much would like to find a place for a cutting table and also install my sewing machine in a better way, not next to my computer where it is impossible to sew comfortably anything bigger than a napkin. The plan is to replace my somewhat big for me sofa with a smaller one and adjoin one table I have there with another one to make one big cutting but also multipurpose table. That's my living room, as for my kitchen it is now half-kitchen half-metalworking workshop with a mini lathe. So, when I cook pasta there, I season it with WD40! The kitchen needs another table to put a grinder on it at least. A mill would be a nice addition but will see how that goes. Currently, I have a lot of tools to buy to make my lathe fully usable. Speaking of non-sewing projects, my CO2 laser needs funding to buy a variac. This is the last piece I need to completely set up the electrical part of it.

For my sewing plans, a fencing jacket is a project I'll start in the upcoming weeks. In my fencing group we will have training dedicated to tournaments that require full equipment. Not that I want to participate in tournaments, but hey, I wouldn't want to miss another training. I have no experience making HEMA equipment, so I am not sure if that's a good idea, but I still want to try.

That was 2019. I hope 2020 will bring more projects and like-minded people into my life. Happy New Year!

Photo by Joanna Kosinska / Unsplash