Dear friend, welcome to the most underappreciated page of any site! Kira is my name and sewing is the main subject of this blog. Even at the time of writing, when the blog is still completely empty, I already have a good sense that it is unlikely to be strictly about sewing. Why is there yet another blog? Throughout my life many of my activities and hobbies fell victims of neglect, perfectionism (yes, what a cliché) and lack of motivation because the initial spark was lost and forgotten. That might also explain the name of the blog, it is a desperate attempt to do things differently this time and that is - to keep track of my new activity.

What kind of sewing is it about, you might ask? Chances are it is about historical sewing, let's say 10-20th centuries? Yes, quite a broad range, but there are going to be many gaps. Honestly, not all periods appeal to me equally. I don't shy from modern styles either, so you can expect to see them here too, especially since they are easier to find victims for (I mean clients, such as friends and colleagues of course!)

The format is going to be a diary and a log of my projects, I hope some people will find it practical, to see how things progress for someone who has started with zero knowledge of sewing of any kind.