It would be silly to start a blog on sewing without making any single garment first, that definitely smells too much of graphomania, wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, the first couple of posts are going to be done in retrospective, including this, the very first one. You might want to take a quick look at my About page, where I explain what is the purpose of this all.

I was 15 or so when I tried to make a historical garment for the first time and it was a long time ago! If I remember correctly it was a pair of stays from La Couturière Parisienne. I rediscovered this site 2 months ago, to my delight it is still there and it revived the memory of my failure back then. Oh, that nostalgic 90s site design, all the Internet was like that! Nonetheless, the site still holds valuable information, I used it at as one source of information on chemise, the topic that I plan to cover in the [near] future.

Now, looking at my FB timeline 4 months ago, the tipping point for my decision to take up historical sewing was probably that video

It is a bit random, not the only one I would watch now and then, but somehow I decided that I definitely need to recreate that. And by “that” I don’t mean just the garment, but how it touched me personally,  the mood of it and the plot twist at the end! What plot twist? You need to watch the video till the end and don’t skip! No cheating!

My initial idea for this post was to talk about a basic setup, tools and how to make the first step, but I think I will try to keep my posts relatively short. This way I can be more flexible and allocate time for content preparation when I have gaps in my schedule. Trying to do everything in one sitting would become a burden really fast.

That said, let’s lay out a plan for the next posts! The second one is going to be about how I have started in practical terms – materials, tools, books.

Next will come a modern skirt that I made for a friend. I will also touch on modern pattern making. Any sewing is a good practice for basic skills, you still need to cut and stitch that fabric no matter what time period you are trying to recreate.

And finally we will catch up with my current projects which are - a half-done chemise and a pair of stays. The stays are still in the conception phase and I have to do some serious reading/research. So far I plan to make late 18th century stays, but that still can change.